2018 Previous Courses

Saturday 23rd April, Autism and Your Practice with Caroline Hearst

Thursday 26th April, When Words aren’t Enough with Catherine Rodger, Jeanette Archer & Jean Day

Friday 5th October, Endings with Lindsay Schofield

Saturday 17th November, Attachment and Shame with Pauline Andrew


2017 Previous courses

Friday 7th July, An Introduction to Non Violent Resistance (NVR) for parents and professionals with Esther Beugeling & Catherine Rodger

Saturday 11th March, Autism & Your Practice with Caroline Hearst

Friday 21st April, Age sixteen to early twenties: some of the issues & difficulties with Sally Valentine

Friday 29th September, Compassion Fatigue & how to avoid it with Lindsay Schofield

Wednesday 1st November, Adult Attachment Behaviour with Pauline Andrew


2016 Previous courses

Tuesday 15th March, Identifying and responding to domestic violence and sexual abuse: the counselling context with Dr Suzanne Martin

Saturday 16th April,  Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Steve Sharkey

Saturday 11th June,  An Introduction to Pastoral Supervision with Ruth Dormandy & Maureen King

2016 Annual Open Meeting: Issues for Young People. Dr Elizabeth Procter addressed the questions “What are young people today grappling with as they grow up?”, “How can we assist them and do they need specialist help?”

Tuesday 27th September, Understanding and recognising sex addiction with Paula Hall

Friday 21st October, The creative use of pain crisis and failure with Brian Graham